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GTA 5 — more and more people in the world want to play games. This is not surprising, because this method of vacation is interesting, safe and as cheap as possible. One of the popular video games of this decade is Grand Theft Auto V, which Rockstar Games Studio released in September 2013. Until today, it was only available on gaming computers, now, now, it can be installed without any difficulty on Android. The creaters were able to port the legendary GTA V APK to mobile devices running “green robot”.

Rockstar Games has already released for smartphones and tablets such video games as GTA Vice City, GTA III and GTA San Andreas. But, all of these do not bring her a proper profit, so she stopped developing their creations for mobile devices. It was decided to do it for independent developers who developed and released the GTA V port on Android, and now everyone can download it. Since this port was developed without any agreements and permissions, its creators do not have the ability to publish it to Google Play.

In addition, so far we are talking about the beta version of the game GTA 5 on Android, and therefore in its work there are some problems that arise from time to time. In this regard, this software is simply not missed in the Play store, so you need to download it as an APK file. The quality of graphics is at a high level, so even on the top smartphones it can slow down. Luckily, you can choose the bad graphics settings in the settings, which will increase the frame rate to the optimal value. The more Memory your phone has, the better GTA 5 will work on it.


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